Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2009 Models!!!!

I am so excited. I just spent the last weekend with two new "Take It To The Edge" senior reps!!!
They were awesome!!!! We went to a couple different locations, for each girl, and they were not afraid of anything!!!! I will have the sneek peeks up shortly and WOW they are amazing!!! I am going out for another rep session on Saturday and I have some great stuff in store for all of the reps, including some mini albums, and some sample storyboards that are now going to be available either a la carte, or will be included in one of the senior packages.....Can't wait!!!
I am breaking the rules here, by posting without a photo, but I have a tendency to break the rules when it comes tot he senior reps anyway LOLOLOL keep checking because the reps will be up soon!!!!